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Economic Development And Development Of Welfare - 1640 Words

When discussing the origins of welfare states it is easy to make an assumption that the development of welfare states was in direct response to social needs brought by industrialization and economic development. In fact the early scholarship in social policy did not question the causational effect between economic development and development of welfare states. Understanding that economic development alone cannot sufficiently explain why some countries developed into full welfare states while others did not prevail until the emergence of social democratic theory and its further expansions. Based on the later studies, the economic development was a necessary cause and played the role of creating the need and the resources for social provisions while politics was sufficient condition which determined whether social needs would be addressed though creation of welfare state of other types of social provisions. Looking back in history, while economic development did not invent poverty, it change its nature by making it difficult for families to take care for the disabled, elderly, and unemployed. More specifically, it led to a decrease in labor-force participation in agriculture, rapid spread of self-regulating labor market, urbanization, destruction of traditional social protections, commodification of labor, and the emergence of a new social category of the laboring poor dependent on the insecure labor market. In addition to establishing the above-described functional demandShow MoreRelatedThe Social Welfare And Import Trade Of Britain And China1322 Words   |  6 Pagescompare the social welfare and import export trade of Britain and China, and will evaluate the causes and consequences of the differences. In recent years, the import and export trade has been one of the factors of the rapid economic development of many countries, by increasing the production inputs, labour inputs and technology investment, and promoting economic development. At the same time, with the continuous development of economy, countries ensure the harmonious development of society by continuouslyRead More Indonesian Demographic Transition Essay1563 Words   |  7 Pagesdemographic change were not instant, and it takes long serious effort to encourage the improvement of economic development in a country. According to Paul J. Gertler (1994, p. 33), â€Å"Population control is a key element in a country’s ability to maintain and improve its economic and social welfare†. Furthermore, this paper intends to explain why the change of population structure has an effect on the society’s economic condition in Indonesia with examining the demographic variables. This short paper is aimedRead More economic Essay1701 Words   |  7 Pages Globalisation - Economic Growth and Development and development indicators. â€Å"Outline the differences between economic growth and economic development. Discuss how economic development may be measured. Outline how globalisation may impact upon a nation’s development. Where appropriate make reference to a relevant case study.† Although economic growth and development are similar in meaning, they have some essential differences. Economic growth refers to the increasing ability of a nation toRead MoreAnalysis Of Bolsa Familia Springs From A Long Tradition Of Welfare And Development1471 Words   |  6 PagesBolsa Familia springs from a long tradition of welfare and development strategies in Latin America. Economic and social development are of central concern to governments and development agencies worldwide due to their direct link to equality. This can be explained through the well-defined link between income levels and health, education and nutritional outcomes, emphasizing the importance of addressing inequality in order to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Thus, reducing inequalityRead MoreBenefits Of Income And Assets Inequality Essay1462 Words   |  6 Pagesfaster than the rate of economic growth in capitalist societies which means capital distribution has almost inevitably been skewed v ery heavily to the top. What this means is that effects of income and assets inequality should be focus on. However, different countries have different situations, and general analyze shows little evidences than giving the specific geographic area. Moreover, every stages of development of each country matters for the diversification of economic influence. It means theRead MoreDiscuss the View That the Caribbean Today Is Underdeveloped and Dependent898 Words   |  4 PagesBefore one can argue whether or not the Caribbean is underdeveloped, the term development must be inspected. The United Nations defines development the ability to lead healthy lives, to be knowledgeable, access to resources for a decent standard of living and to be able to participate in the life of the community. The dimensions of social development are: social welfare, health, education, housing, urban and rural development and land reform. The HDI of the UNDP combines measurement of per capita incomeRead MoreRo le of Government in Social Welfare1477 Words   |  6 PagesROLE OF GOVERNMENT IN SOCIAL WELFARE A Government consists of group of people who govern a state. The proper governing of state plays a very important role in the development of a country. The government should take all necessary steps for the betterment of the country and its people. A democratic country is for the people, by the people and to the people. Therefore government of any country should act wisely for the development of the community. Social welfare is a policy in which the well beingRead MoreGlobalization and the Decline of the Welfare State1172 Words   |  5 Pages The idea that globalization and the welfare states can conflict comes from the fact that: while globalization is based on profit maximization, the welfare states main goal is to reduce, if not eliminate inequality, insecurity and poverty through proper redistribution of wealth mechanisms. The welfare state has to enhance â€Å"people’s adaptability, so that they, whatever their skills, can turn themselves from losers into winners through their own efforts† (Dennis J. Snower. Et al.137). The pointRead MoreOutline the Current Legislation Covering Home Based Childcare and the Role of Regulatory Bodies.882 Words   |  4 Pagesthe community and society and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour Economic well-being: not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential in life. Childrens Act 1989 This is the basis of the current child protection system in England and Wales and was introduced to consolidate and clarify previous legislation. It established the principle that a child’s welfare is paramount in any decisions made about their upbringing. It states that every effortRead MoreChina s Growth And Its Impact On The United States1369 Words   |  6 Pagescompulsive desire to develop at breakneck speeds. In pursuing development, China’s primary goal has been to display its sophistication to the world, rather than to directly aid the welfare of its citizens. Following this hierarchy of objectives, China has continued to relentlessly modernize despite enormous negative consequences; the development powered through famine during the Great Leap Forward, violence during the Cultural Revolution, and economic dislocation during liberalization, accepting negative

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